Farmington River Series September 2009

     September is still a great month for fishing spinners in low light sutuations, there are many mayflies supplementing the caddis hatches which roll into midday,and again in the evening.  Caddis pupae imitations in sizes 16-20 have been working great right through the morning, I have also been fishing rusty spinners in sizes 18-22 to imitate the small BWO’s.  Look for fish sipping early in the morning on slow riffles.  Hightened awareness is key to spotting big trout sipping these spinners and caddis pupae.  Cast a shorter line for more control over your presentation.  The evening hours have been a mad dash for about a 30 min period when BWO’s come pouring off the water in a highly concentrated effort to escape the jaws of waiting trout.

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