Series of Unfortunate Events

2-15-10 This Friday, I found myself being a good little soldier and working diligently on my Dec. 2009 Monthly Video to get them caught up.  My children had left the house for a few hours to hang out and play with other children at AWANA.  The house was quite and the time was perfect for me to at last get something done.  Sounding familiar anyone?  So I worked like a busy little bee editing footage and paring my final cut down below 10 minutes in total length.  I get to the last bit of cleaning it up and sending it out the door and Wham O!  My computer freezes up right in the middle of saving this thing.  I pulled all the tricks out of my hat trying to shut the program down while preserving the work that I had done.  I finally got it shut down, and now for the moment of truth.  After I reboot my system I reopen the movie making software only to find that all my changes and editing had been lost in the turmoil.  With only one thing left to do, call myself an idiot for not saving several times, I have started the grueling process all over again.  Better luck next time.

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