“Slackwater Slackers”


Black StoneflyI hit the river Saturday morning in hopes that the 35+ degree temperatures would bring some rising trout on the lower end of the Boneyard.  I got down on the river at about 8am, while waiting for a friend to show I observed a nice little hatch of tiny black Stoneflies on Spare Tire Hole.  I couldn’t wrangle any trout on the little buggers but it was nice to see some insect life.  I think we all are getting a little anxious and stir crazy at this point.   I mosied along down to the Boneyard, where I observed several nice fish holding along and near the shore.  I fished some small stonefly nymphs while I waited and the sun never showed.  I vigorously took water temps and they never rose above 34 degrees.   I saw 2 fish rise one time at about 10am and pulled out my other rod pre rigged with a small caddis pupae.  The skies remained cloudy and the water temp didn’t move.  I left the river at about noon I had to get home and wish my youngest daughter Ava a happy fourth birthday.  Just one of those days.


Small black Stoneflies

Snow banks covered with Stoneflies.

The Stonefly mystery remains a mystery, these slack water fish continue to be slackers without the warmth of the sun to get some bugs in motion.

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