Chasing Caddis on the Farmington River

      3/09/10  For the past couple of days I have been chasing caddis. In the desperate search for flat water sections of the Farmington River that are inhabited by these tiny winter/summer caddis I have found and observed numerous large trout getting their fill.  Recently the daytime temperatures  have been reaching into the fifties certainly helping this hatch along.  The nighttime temperatures are still dipping down into the 20’s causing almost 10 degree temperature fluctuations in the water.  Which has made trout groggy and lethargic  in the early morning hours.  With the rise of the sun, trout have been moving around a great deal more this past week, their feeding and activity have increased as they welcome the warming flows and the swarming caddis.  I will expect this hatch to pick up with the ever increasing warmth through the week.  Don’t forget the increasingly bigger stoneflies that have been making an appearance.  Size 22 Caddis pupae along with  size 18-20 black stoneflies skittered along slower sections of the river have been producing fish. (Tags: Online slots)

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