Winter got you down? Get lifted up by restocking your fly boxes.

     I get slammed with this every winter,  even though I frequent the river on a regular basis.  The scenario is quite familiar to most of us.  The fish stop biting  and by mid December the cold water has them barely moving about.  On some of the winters warmest days you can still look forward to a little caddis action on the top.  Nymphs and Streamers provide some good fishing here and there.   However most fishermen have decreased their time on the water considerably.  If your anything like me you sit at home in your armchair and sulk, reading every fly fishing magazine you can get your hands on.  My junior flyfisher, and  lovely daughter  reminded me through her videos of what I should be doing instead.  So start giving your gear the once over now to avoid toils and snares later.  Tie some of the flies you know you are going to use this year.  The weather will be breaking soon, are you ready? 

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