Dont like the High water? Ignore it, some guys are doing just that.

Hats off to Mike for the Photo Op this morning.

Nice clean release.

Date:  4-5-10

Water Flow:  2070 Farmington/Still combined
Visibility: decent
Water Temp: 42 degrees am.
Water Condition:  High Flow
Access Point:  Church Pool
Hatches (in order of importance):  Adult Caddis 18-20,  Stoneflies 16-20.
Comments:  The trout in the back end of Church Pool sipped small adult caddis this morning, while I as an observer met two nice Gents who were catching trout.  It was a blast talking with them and watching them take the “Ignore It” approach to the high water. This seems to be the approach that I most often employ.
The trout were rising along the edge or seam where the turbulent meets the slack water.  There were trout rising in this slower water all morning as they gently picked off the adult Caddis.  This was encouraging to watch but do not be fooled, with exception to a few slow pockets most of the river is un-navigable, and only fishable along the banks.  Many trout have been seen and caught along the very edges of the river, fishing the water directly in front of you first is a good rule of thumb.

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