Farmington River Caddis Arise!

Date: 4/14/10

Water Flow: 500

Visibility: clear

Water Temp: 47 degrees F. at the edges.

Water Condition: good flow

Access Point: Church Pool, Boneyard

Hatches (in order of importance): Caddis 20-22, Black Stoneflies 16-20, BWO 22-24.

Comments: The morning caddis have kept the trout rising and fly rods bent for the past week or so. There have been lots of adult caddis along the banks and fish have been lying in wait to take them. This hatch is what’s happening on the Farmington now so grab your rods and head out to catch some early morning, caddis sipping, trout on dries. There have been a few Stoneflies buzzing around bringing some fish to the surface to pursue them. I have spotted some rises in the evening to sporadic hatches of BWO’s 22-24. Still seeing lots of Golden Stones 16, along with Hendrickson nymphs 16-18 in my seine. Might want to try some Cranefly larvae in big sizes on or near sandbars, seeing lots of them in my stream samples near those areas of the river.

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