How low can you go!

       4-3-10  I not sure of my exact feeling with what is going on at the Dam right now.  We have had tons of rain and it has caused many problems here in New England over the past week or so.  Here is the thing that Irks me.   All week the flows on the Farmington River have steadily fallen and then yesterday the water tapered  down to definitely fishable levels.  The water from the dam was like 150cfs.  They let the water drop and run all day with a combined flow of around 800cfs once you added the Still River.  Now here’s the part I don’t understand, why would they let the water run low all day long on Friday and then let it all go and run 2000cfs on the weekend when its 70 plus degrees outside and a mad mass of fisherman are ready to kick their year off with their CT. licenses in their pockets which they paid twice as much for this year.  Hmmm, I really think the smart and courteous thing to do would have been to run water all day yesterday and then to try to minimize the flows on the weekend so all the people that pay the ever rising price of licensing fees, high energy prices, high energy taxes, etc…etc…etc… (and believe me the list goes on and on and on) could get on out there and enjoy the sunshine and the Easter holiday.  I guess it goes to show us that a little courtesy may be too much to ask for in these days and times.  Off I go to enjoy the morning fishing in the woods with the water running at 2700cfs, have fun!

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