Opening Day-Fresh faces and hungry fish got the season started off on a good note for many Anglers.

My first Brown landed fishing with Spanish/French nymphing.

Up close and personal.


Date:  4-17-10

Water Flow:  423 cfs

Visibility:  clear

Water Temp:  46F am

Water Condition:  good

Access Point:  Church pool-am, Lower TMA- am

Hatches (in order of importance):  Caddis 22, Bwo 22-24

Comments:  I saw lots of fisherman on the river today with smiles on their face and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in spite of the few passing showers, as for me today’s opener went well for me picking up a few fish early this morning on Caddis Pupae as I enjoyed a hot cup of Joe, and then later on in the am I caught a pair of nice browns Euro nymphing some small, quick, pocket water with a 12 Golden Stone, trailed with a 16 Flashback Hares Ear.  I was excited to see a Hendrickson on my rod as I was walking down the trail to the river.  I have heard reports of several fishermen spotting them on the water, however the fish are still ignoring any floating duns and not yet identifying them as a food source.  Fishing the nymphs in the weeks to come should produce some fish that are keying in on the active nymphs as they prepare to make their grand entrance.  These nymphs are already making a significant appearance in my kick seine.   Also for you dry fly fisherman try fishing the emerger patterns until you see the fish turn to the duns as a major food source.  Good luck and hope to see you all on the water in the days to come.

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