Warmer weather, and a whole lot more wildlife.

     One of the best things about the changing seasons on the water for me is the wildlife.  The wildlife encounters this time of year become plentiful with sightings of the Eagle, Osprey and other hawks prowling the river for a meal.  Insect hatches are not only a great addition to the equation for us flyfishermen, they are a cornerstone of life for Bats and many small birds.  This whole explosion of life happens along the river as the sun blesses our days with warmth.  In the past month encounters with Canadian geese, one of the more common waterfowl found on the Farmington River, have been in abundance.  I have seen several geese in the early morning hours on their daily commute from feeding  areas to nesting sites.  I have observed some of their territorial behaviors and had front row seats to watching them come in for a landing with gear down like a B-52 bomber.  They are spectacular animals and just another part of what makes flyfishing a truly amazing sport.  I myself am amazed at what a fisherman’s eyes must see in their  lifelong pursuit of catching fish on flies.  Next time you encounter one of these birds on the river use it as an opportunity to observe and appreciate this magnificent creature.

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