Hendrickson hatch just getting better!

Date:  4/30/2010

Water Flow:  266 Cfs 

Visibility:  Clear        

Water Temp:  53*F

Water Condition:  good  

Access Point:  Upper TMA

Hatches (in order of importance):  #12-14 Hendrickson pm, #22 Caddis pupae am, 22-24 BWO am

Comments:  The Hendrickson have arrived in mass now with egg laying females and the smaller males pouring off the water in the afternoon.  The trout in the river welcome them with an open mouth as they eagerly slash at the emerging mayflies.  Trout were eating these insects all afternoon and when evening fell they had no problem taking a rusty spinner, though we did not see any spinnerfall last night.  There where plenty in the air at dusk, perhaps the good weather and lack of strong winds this weekend will allow for a better showing of the spinners.  The am Caddis hatch is still providing some great fishing on the slowest of runs on the Farmington.  I was so frustrated yesterday, I was chasing this one nice trout around all morning long.  This trout was feeding voraciously on pupae, just not mine.  I am hoping to tangle with him another day.  Good luck out there this weekend to all.  Also I have been working on the Monthly vid this month and it will be coming out next week.

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