Weekend Farmington River Stream Report 5/22/10

JW captured in time! French nymphing!

When its raining too!

Date: 5/21/10

Water Flow: 440 Cfs

Visibility: clear

Water Temp: 50*F am

Water Condition: good

Access Point: Upper TMA

Hatches (in order of importance): Winter summer Caddis am 18-22.
March Browns/Grey Fox 12-14 are coming off in small numbers in the afternoon.

Hendrickson spinners 12-14 and Rusty Spinners 16-20 are still catching lots of fish in the evenings.

BWO’s 16-20 are coming off the water in the evening as well as…

Tan Caddis 16-18 and Green Caddis in 16-20.

Comments: The Caddis in my mind are still very much stealing the show with a good showing in the A.M. and with another good burst of bigger Caddis in the evening right before dark causing many trout to feed exclusively on them and chasing and slashing furiously at the emergers. Violent and splashy rises are the telltale sign of this activity. I have been catching good amounts of quality fish in the morning and evening fishing Caddis larvae as well. I was so excited the other night I actually caught a nice 18″ Brown on my first ever woven fly a size 12 Caddis Larva green on the top and yellow on the underbody. The Rusty Spinner is still landing some nice fish in the evenings even if you don’t see tons of them around, so don’t be afraid to tie one of these bad boys on your leader in a size 12. This is a good meal for a trout feeding in low light conditions. French nymphing has been a huge part of my arsenal of late accounting for some very nice browns and is one of those things that really turns unproductive time on the river into some dynamite fishing opportunities. Next time its raining and spinnerfalls are suppressed due to chilly temps. Don’t mope! Start getting familiar with this technique and put it into play for you on the river! Good luck out there, tear em up!

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