6/4/10 Getting Ready for a wet weekend?


March Brown


Date: 6/4/10

Water Flow: 350 Cfs.

Visibility: clear

Water Temp: 59*F am

Water Condition: good

Access Point: upper TMA

Hatches (in order of importance): March Brown Spinners and Duns 12-14 in the evening, Smaller Rusty Spinners are also on the water in the evening in 16-20. Winter/Summer Caddis 18-22. BWO’s 16-20 on cloudy days. Tan and GreenCaddis 16-18 are appearing on the water all afternoon and throughout the evening. There have also been Sulphurs 16-18 on the water in the early evening through to sunset.

Vanessa with a small Farmington River Brown.


Comments: I have been taking most of my fish on Caddis nymphs in the morning, fished French Nymphing style through deep cuts with a little current, leaving no seam unturned. This style has been producing a lot of nice fish for me and gives an alternative way to fish when the water is unsuited for dry flies. Not surprisingly these same areas hold many of the rivers larger trout. Another method that is just giving me great results is fishing big #12 Rusty Spinners at the very last light. There have been a lot of fish feeding on much smaller spinner in the 16 range as well however the trout just seem as though they cannot refuse such a large morsel of food. I have seen a large number of BWO’s on the water in the evening with some fish taking them along with their small spinners. I have heard from a few people now, that Cahills are making their entrance in the Upper TMA. Caddis continue to be a consistent morning hatch and they keep many fish on the river rising throughout the evening as well. I just got back from a trip to Maine to visit my family and I am working on a little excursion video that I will post in a few days, until then good luck to all who venture forth in the forecasted thunder storms this weekend and remember to play it safe, no fish is worth getting killed by a stray bolt of lightning. If you do find yourself out in such conditions the fishing can be wonderful especially if you like to fish with nymphs!  There is nothing like fishing a brace of Caddis on a rainy day, even when the water becomes stained and slightly off fish continue to feed on this underwater smorgasbord.  Lets hope the weather holds off and we here at JWFlyfishing, See you out there!

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