Rain, Rain, gone away. Farmington River pick your day they all look nice through the weekend!

Thank god for cellphones!

Date:  10/7/10

Water Flow:  625Cfs

Visibility:  ok

Water Temp:   

Water Condition:  slightly stained 

Access Point:  Upper TMA

Hatches (in order of importance):

        AM: Winter/Summer Caddis 20-24 

               BWO 20-24

               Rusty Spinners 20-24     

  Midday:  Tan Caddis 18-20

                 Ants and Beetles 12-16

 Evening:  Isonychia 10-12

                     Tan Caddis 18-20

                     Rusty Spinners 20-24     

Comments:  Water is running high again after the recent rains.  Not many fish have been rising in the early mornings but a few are sipping small Spinners and Winter/Summer Caddis.  I have been fishing down for them with Caddis larvae and Stonefly nymphs until I notice fish visibly rising then grabbing my dry rod and throwing small spinners or W/S Caddis.  Olives are starting to gather on the riffles in the evening.  Not many trout have been coming up for the tiny spinners.  However I have been taking lots of fish on small Pheasantail nymphs down to size 22 imitating small BWO nymphs.  A pattern that has been tearing it up out there for a good couple of months now is Aaron Jasper’s Pineapple Express.  I want to thank Aaron for his great patterns and here is the url to the video of Pineapple Express TPO fly of the Month June 2010.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdrtvM4F6l4

JW's pineapple


The fly I have pictured here is just a spinnoff of the Pineapple Express that I tie a bit differently.  This fly is mainly a small pheasantail with a rusty, yellowish dubbing mix for a thorax and a hot collar of UTC fire orange thread for the hotspot.  Stonefly 10-14 and Isonychia nymphs 10-12 have been very effective in the high water.  I like French Nymphing these patterns in current seams and along shelf water.  The rain is supposed to stop and with moderate temperatures this weekend you can count on the fishing being good as the water recedes.  Good luck to all out there this weekend.  Hook em up!


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