How to put the “Coils” in motion with a French Nymphing leader setup!

Setting up your own French Nymphing leader doesn’t have to be a complicated business.  Just as in baking a cake, a few simple ingredients when combined create a delectable, tasty treat.  Though these fishing tips won’t be making a cake any time soon, they will help any fly angler wanting to give French Nymphing tactics a serious try.  This illustration represents the basic lengths and line poundage to make your French/euro nymphing fly fishing tackle more efficient when casting, and more manageable when fishing your flies along the bottom.  Listed below are a few fly fishing knots that I prefer when I tie this setup.

  • Bloodknot
  • Overhand loop
  • Loop to loop connection

For those who are not familiar with these knots, I will be breaking them down individually in the next few articles.  So hold on and digest this diagram first and get your fingers nimble by practicing the knots you do know.

click on image for larger view

What to do with this diagram?  Start gathering your materials, and check back with us at where I will show you how to incorporate these leader segments together to create an indispensable piece of fly fishing gear!  Hope to see you on the water soon!


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