Cold Weather Got You Down? A little action on the Salmon River might be just what you need to cure the Blues!


No cold is too cold when your catching fish like this!

Its been mighty cold as of late, but for those who venture out in the blustery winds and freezing temps can be greatly rewarded with some great Steelhead fishing!  With the Salmon River flows being quite low (for the most part) this winter, Smaller flies and lighter tippets have been key for any Fly Angler, in having a truly successful day on the water.   I will start fishing with 6lb fluorocarbon and if the action is slow I will bump down to 4lb making these beasts tough to land.


Nice Hook jawed Buck!

Nice Hook jawed Buck!


As many steelhead fisherman know, natural patterns like caddis and stoneflies work wonders as well.  I try to alternate them in and out so when the fish aren’t taking the egg imitations, I give em’ the bugs!





Ava's Rub A Dub, Dub

Ava’s Rub A Dub, Dub



Many colors and varieties of egg patterns and sucker spawn have been working great in sizes 14 and 16 being best.   This one here is Ava’s Rub A Dub, Dub a simple dubbing fly that has a great sucker spawn profile with a veil.  I thank my 8yr old f0r this one.  Thanks Tooty!  We enjoy tying flies together and she loves it when we come up with a winner!



Small Stoneflies work great!

Small Stoneflies work great!



Right now if your looking for some good fishing a trip to Altmar or Pulaski,  NY to fish the Salmon River could pay off big and possibly land you the fish of a lifetime.   Get out in the cold and enjoy some big fish and I will hope to see you on the water soon!





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