How to tie an Overhand Loop and get your loops together on your French/Euro Nymphing Leader.

The Loop to Loop connection is a very simple and effective way to connect sections of a leader together. The loop makes replacing your leader fast and painless as well.  Check out the following diagrams and learn how to easily form loops at the end of your leader as well as how to connect them.  There are other loops that you can tie, however this overhand loop in the fastest and simplest way to get you fishing, while its strength and dependability will meet any freshwater challenge.

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loop to loop connection



As far as French / Euro nymphing I use this Loop to Loop connection to add my coiled sighter to the upper section of leader, and  the bottom section of the leader to the other end of the coiled sighter.   The section of leader below the coiled sighter is very quick and simple to make as its all constructed of the same 5x fluorocarbon.

leader setup     Check out my lower leader setup in the diagram below.  You’ll see the leader length is very tradional as the leader length should be 1 1/2 x the water depth.   If you want to fish 2 or more flies,  just tie on  another section of 5x fluorocarbon as a tippet using a bloodknot, being sure to leave one of your tag ends about 4-5 inches long as a dropper to attach your flies.  Its incredibly fast, and easy to tie the bloodknot here since you’re keeping the diameter of the line the same (5x).   Remember when you use a two fly system like this that your heavier fly will be tied on at the end of the leader.  Your dropper fly will be the smaller and lighter of the two.  I hope this sheds some light on the subject of how to form loops in the ends of your leaders and how to connect them in a simple and effective way that will get you fishing quickly and effortlessly.  We hope to see you out on the river soon.  Thanks for visiting JWFlyfising, we aim to make you a more positive, and more productive fisherman on any river or stream you fish.  Hope to see you on the water soon!


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