Hendricksons “Meet the trout” on the Farmington.

Hendrickson Mayfly (male with large tomato eyes and female with dark eyes and light body)


Date: 4-23-10

Water Flow: 311cfs

Visibility: clear

Water Temp: 51F

Water Condition: good

Access Point: below lower TMA

Hatches (in order of importance): Hendrickson 12-16, Caddis 20-22, Bwo 18-22.

Comments: Well we finally got a great look at the Hendrickson hatch today. My daughters and I watched mayflies hatch from 2pm to 4pm when the hatch tapered off. Males with there tomato round eyes, and females with their small black eyes poured off the small riffle as my girls swooped them up for inspection in their butterfly net. I returned to the water in the evening hours and saw lots of spinners gathering over the water. A few spinners hit the water and the fish gobbled them up quickly. I threw on a size 12 Rusty Spinner and took several stocked fish. This was the first look at this years stocked browns and man they are fat! The next few day will be a great time to hit the water and look for fish rising to Hendrickson hatches in the afternoon and spinnerfalls in the evening. Caddis are still blowing the water up in the am making for exciting fishing as well as the Bwo’s that hit the water along with them.

  • Where’s the Crowds? More than likely they will show for this weekends Opener!

    Date: 4-16-10

    Water Flow: 430cfs

    Visibility: Clear

    Water Temp: 47 F-am

    Water Condition: Good flow

    Access Point: Upper TMA

    Hatches (in order of importance): Caddis is King! #22 brown pupae is doing the trick nicely.

    Comments: I had another great morning hitting some of the slower pocket sections on the Farmington River. The fish were rising all around Mike (one of the many great flyfishermen I have met over the winter)and I. We literally had the place all to ourselves. River full of rising fish and a pair of anglers, that’s a good scenario wherever you are. All of the fish I caught this morning were on pupae and there were none of them with any size to them. I lost one nicer fish and then missed a few strike, wondering why I had missed them I stripped in my line and grasp the leader to inspect the fly, one look and the proof was in the pudding. With a bend as straight as arrow my fruitless thrashing had been just that, fruitless indeed! I just reached for my ‘hemos’ and bent it back where it should have been in the first place. However fishermen be forewarned this could, and has several times gotten me in a heap of trouble a few casts down the road, like when the big one hits and there you are with a previously bent hook in his mouth waiting for the moment when the line falls slack. Take the moment to replace that fly with an extra if you have it and save yourself what may seem an eternity of kicking, and screaming like a baby when something similar to the above happens to you. Grab some Caddis and a cup of coffee get out there this weekend and enjoy some great, dependable fishing on dry flies. Bring some fingerless gloves if you got em those 40 degree mornings can be torture on the hands. Have a good opener, and I hope to see you out there on the water.


  • PA Blues? Hamburg Cabelas Rules!!

    Huge Cabelas Brookie

    One of the many huge Bucks at Hamburg, PA Cabelas




     4-11-10  I didn’t get any fishing done while I was visiting PA this past weekend.  I checked several rivers on my way down through PA and all were high, filled with spring runoff.  I watched the West Branch of Octararo Creek during my stay there and rains quickly swelled the stream and made its water resemble a cup of coffee.  I hope you guys that fished here on the Farmington had better luck.  You certainly had clear water and great flows on your side.   However dissapointed my spirits were quickly lifted with a chance to visit my favorite Cabelas store located in Hamburg, PA.  That store has absolutely everything, I have heard others say that about Cabelas, but with store it is absolutely large and physically has everything.  One room is dedicated to nothing.but trophy whitetail deer.  Some deer are  posed as though they’re  leaping through the forest, the outside walls are just plastered with huge trophy deer shot in states I have never even been to.  Another popular attraction is the huge freshwater  fish tanks there with several different species of fish, some of which have grown to monstrous proportions!  Theirs nothing like topping  all that amazing stuff off with one of their wild game meats on their menu for lunch, mmmmm.  This is a great day trip with children packed with  lots of fun, and neat things to look at  for the whole family.  I highly recommend it for any sports enthusiast. 

  • Winter got you down? Get lifted up by restocking your fly boxes.

         I get slammed with this every winter,  even though I frequent the river on a regular basis.  The scenario is quite familiar to most of us.  The fish stop biting  and by mid December the cold water has them barely moving about.  On some of the winters warmest days you can still look forward to a little caddis action on the top.  Nymphs and Streamers provide some good fishing here and there.   However most fishermen have decreased their time on the water considerably.  If your anything like me you sit at home in your armchair and sulk, reading every fly fishing magazine you can get your hands on.  My junior flyfisher, and  lovely daughter  reminded me through her videos of what I should be doing instead.  So start giving your gear the once over now to avoid toils and snares later.  Tie some of the flies you know you are going to use this year.  The weather will be breaking soon, are you ready? 

  • There’s a new footpath through the ‘Boneyard’.

    2-26-2010  The new trail that has been cut from the Boneyard down through the meadow has opened up some nice access to the river.  I particularly like the highvantage points that it has created in  the slack water where itis now very convenient to observe fish without spooking them.  Many people I have talked to  are not crazy about the idea, or crazy about the new crowds that will soon be unleashed on that section of the river.   I have also heard concerns of fiscal responsibility, one gentleman toldme “If we cant balance the state budget then we hadn’t ought be cutting trails
    down throught the woods”.  I have seen many people who seem to enjoy longwalks with their dogs down this visually relaxing path.  I personally hope with poaching being an issue in this trout management area that the state is prepared
    to man this region with a little more warden presence then previous years.  Nomatter where your loyalties lie the trail is there for all to enjoy and you can look forward to your walk down through this section of the river being less irritable, that is until the bryers grow back.

    Lower end of 'Boneyard'.

    The new path through the 'Boneyard'.