Caddis AM, Hedricksons getting stronger!


Date:  4-21-10

Water Flow:  329

Visibility:  Clear

Water Temp:  47F am 

Water Condition:  Good

Access Point:  Lower TMA

Hatches (in order of importance):  Caddis pupae 18- 22, Bwo 18-20, Mahogany Duns 16-18, Rusty Spinner 14-18 in the evening.

Comments:  The morning Caddis hatches are still going strong bringing lots of trout to the surface.  There have been some Bwo mixed in with them and I have been taking fish on them as well.  Yesterday morning I used all my pupae in my box up and I started casting 18 Bwo’s and the trout took it eagerly.  I have been spotting Hendricksons  yesterday fish were feeding on them from Unionville to People’s State Forest.  With the weather looking good for the next couple of days and warm temps this hatch should progress nicely.  The Dep will be stocking the TMA this week and just in time with the Hendricksons well on their way.  Be on the lookout for the evening spinnerfall!  Good luck!

  • Farmington River Series Jan. 2010

         January was a rather cold and slow month on the Farmington River.  The scenery was stunning with fresh blankets of snow and ice gathering along the edges of the river.  The cold water makes fish lethargic, and decreases their urge to move great distances for their food.  Some warm and sunny days with temperatures well into the 40’s did bring small numbers of winter/summer caddis in very small sizes of 22-24  to the surface of slower sections of the river, where some fish would rise to take the swimming caddis pupae.  I spent lots of time observing fish, which could be done with a cup of hot coffee as a hand warmer.