There’s a new footpath through the ‘Boneyard’.

2-26-2010  The new trail that has been cut from the Boneyard down through the meadow has opened up some nice access to the river.  I particularly like the highvantage points that it has created in  the slack water where itis now very convenient to observe fish without spooking them.  Many people I have talked to  are not crazy about the idea, or crazy about the new crowds that will soon be unleashed on that section of the river.   I have also heard concerns of fiscal responsibility, one gentleman toldme “If we cant balance the state budget then we hadn’t ought be cutting trails
down throught the woods”.  I have seen many people who seem to enjoy longwalks with their dogs down this visually relaxing path.  I personally hope with poaching being an issue in this trout management area that the state is prepared
to man this region with a little more warden presence then previous years.  Nomatter where your loyalties lie the trail is there for all to enjoy and you can look forward to your walk down through this section of the river being less irritable, that is until the bryers grow back.

Lower end of 'Boneyard'.

The new path through the 'Boneyard'.