Time to knock the rust off.


ShovelHead Farmington brown

4-2-10  The water level continues to drop with the river flow mostly consisting of secondary runoff from the Still River and other small streams, this is keeping the morning water temps relatively low around 40 degrees.  The river this morning has receded from the woods to barely covering the banks, which should be good news for weekend anglers.  I have been having better luck fishing mid mornings as the water warms.  Slack water sections of the

Can't wait to find another one of the Babies!

Farmington in the TMA should fish well this weekend with lots of #16 Stoneflies buzzing around and good numbers of caddis have been along the banks in the morning hours with fish rising to them in these slower sections of the river.   Hope to see some of those anglers I haven’t seen all winter on the water this weekend!  This nice weather is certainly motivating me to get out there and start fishing, its been a long winter!  Good luck to all.  This was a full pic of the Brownie that I landed last Saturday.

  • Water levels on Farminton River dropping.

    High water piles up debris on the banks of Churchpool

          3-24-10 The Farmington River continues to flow at obnoxious levels,   however it is dropping. I checked the river this morning to find that most banks and every small island is still deeply submerged beneath the swift current. The small rivers, streams, and brooks that wash into the Farmington are receding and the flows should return to normal by this weekend. The water temperature has risen in the past few days to 40 degrees.
         As the water level falls and fish return to their normal lies the nymphing and streamer fishing will pick up. Some good nymph choices are Golden Stonefly nymphs in sizes 12-16, Mayfly nymphs such as Hares Ear, and Pheasant Tails in sizes 14-20 to imitate the mayfly nymphs that are present on the stream bottom in the largest numbers.
         For streamers you can’t beat the Wooly Bugger this time of year while it resembles all sorts of large food organisms that trout depend on as their activity increases with the rising water temps. Dead drifted along the bottom this fly imitates stonefly nymphs, and can be quartered downstream and fished across the current making it look like a baitfish.
         The best action on top will be stirred with Caddis pupa and Caddis dry flies in sizes 20-24, or Small Stonefly dries in sizes 14-18, there have been good numbers of the larger Stones active on the river. Whatever you choose to do, do it safely, and take precaution! Do not venture far from the bank in this high water, one false move and rescue units could be pulling you from the river.

    Lots of sitting around with H2o levels up "In the Woods"

    Some standing around too! JW trying to nymph along the edges.

  • There’s a new footpath through the ‘Boneyard’.

    2-26-2010  The new trail that has been cut from the Boneyard down through the meadow has opened up some nice access to the river.  I particularly like the highvantage points that it has created in  the slack water where itis now very convenient to observe fish without spooking them.  Many people I have talked to  are not crazy about the idea, or crazy about the new crowds that will soon be unleashed on that section of the river.   I have also heard concerns of fiscal responsibility, one gentleman toldme “If we cant balance the state budget then we hadn’t ought be cutting trails
    down throught the woods”.  I have seen many people who seem to enjoy longwalks with their dogs down this visually relaxing path.  I personally hope with poaching being an issue in this trout management area that the state is prepared
    to man this region with a little more warden presence then previous years.  Nomatter where your loyalties lie the trail is there for all to enjoy and you can look forward to your walk down through this section of the river being less irritable, that is until the bryers grow back.

    Lower end of 'Boneyard'.

    The new path through the 'Boneyard'.

  • Series of Unfortunate Events

    2-15-10 This Friday, I found myself being a good little soldier and working diligently on my Dec. 2009 Monthly Video to get them caught up.  My children had left the house for a few hours to hang out and play with other children at AWANA.  The house was quite and the time was perfect for me to at last get something done.  Sounding familiar anyone?  So I worked like a busy little bee editing footage and paring my final cut down below 10 minutes in total length.  I get to the last bit of cleaning it up and sending it out the door and Wham O!  My computer freezes up right in the middle of saving this thing.  I pulled all the tricks out of my hat trying to shut the program down while preserving the work that I had done.  I finally got it shut down, and now for the moment of truth.  After I reboot my system I reopen the movie making software only to find that all my changes and editing had been lost in the turmoil.  With only one thing left to do, call myself an idiot for not saving several times, I have started the grueling process all over again.  Better luck next time.